Deposit safe Euro Class S1Safes

Deposit safe Euro Class S1
  • Deposit safe Euro Class S1
  • Deposit safe Euro Class S1

Deposit safe Euro Class S1 (PN-EN 14450:2006). 

Deposit safes, wall thickness 3 mm, double-walled door 52 mm.
Equipped with drawer, for objects with a maximum size of 230x170x20 mm (07.PEI.700) or 230x370x20 mm (other models).
Provided with floor holes for anchoring and prepared for wall mounting.
The safes below come with a double bit lock on the door and drawer. Optionally delivered with an electronic lock.

Colour: RAL7035 grey.

CodeDescriptionSizeSize (inside)Volume (L)Weight (KG)EAN code
07.PEI.700 Deposit safe P700 600 x 250 x 250 mm367 x 232 x 183 mm335 x 110 mm278712907007168
07.PEI.703 Deposit safe P703 600 x 460 x 460 mm249 x 442 x 393 mm335 x 320 mm558712907006789
07.PEI.704 Deposit safe P704 800 x 460 x 460 mm449 x 442 x 393 mm535 x 320 mm688712907021980
07.PEI.705 Deposit safe P705 1000 x 460 x 460 mm649 x 442 x 393 mm735 x 320 mm818712907021997

CodeDescriptionEAN code
15.EM.CS Mechanical combination lock 8712907007076
15.EL.GB Electronic lock 8712907007083
15.EC.303 Electronic lock with distresskey 8712907007113
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