Key-tag nr.10

Per box 100 pcs.
Flexible plastic, with ring, with hole.

14.11.008Key-tag nr.10 assorted *0.304014360011008
14.12.008Key-tag nr.10 black0.304014360011145
14.13.008Key-tag nr.10 yellow0.304014360011039
14.14.008Key-tag nr.10 orange0.304014360011084
14.15.008Key-tag nr.10 green0.304014360011053
14.16.008Key-tag nr.10 brown0.304014360011121
14.17.008Key-tag nr.10 red0.304014360011107
14.18.008Key-tag nr.10 blue0.304014360011077
14.19.008Key-tag nr.10 grey0.304014360011138
14.20.008Key-tag nr.10 transparent0.304014360011015
14.21.008Key-tag nr.10 white0.304014360011022

* Colours: Red, white, black, green and yellow. 
Keyrings  steel hardened, nickel-plated only on request.  
Keytags with ring, without hole only on request.  

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