Keysafe S2 class

Certificated Euro class S2 (PN:EN 14450:2006).   
These safes come with a double bit lock (db)  or a digital lock (e) .   
Fire retardant and burglar proof. Double walls, door thickness 6 mm, other outer walls 3mm.   
Lock reinforced with manganese steel.   
These key safes come with adjustable hookstrips in ladder rack system.   
All safes including a wall fixing kit.   
Colour: Black (RAL9005) 

07.060.dbKey safe B60db420 x 460 x 170mm30.008712907004167
07.060.elKey safe B60e420 x 460 x 170mm30.008712907004174
07.100.dbKey safe B100db630 x 460 x 170mm41.008712907004181
07.100.elKey safe B100e630 x 460 x 170mm41.008712907004198
07.200.dbKey safe B200db630 x 460 x 300mm55.008712907004204
07.200.elKey safe B200e630 x 460 x 300mm55.008712907004211

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