Key cabinets series VSK

Key cabinets series VSK:     
Sturdy key cabinets, door 2 mm sheet steel, walls 1,5 mm sheet steel. From type VSK 60 adjustable hookstrips in ladder rack system.      
Complete with wall fixing kit and identification sheet.     
These key cabinets can be delivered with cilinderlock, digital lock with more users or lockcase for profile cylinder lock (excl.cylinder).      
Colour: Silver hammertone    

07.11.060Keycabinet new VSK 60400 x 400 x 85mm9.008712907006208
07.11.100Keycabinet new VSK 100500 x 400 x 85mm10.008712907006215
07.11.200Keycabinet new VSK 200500 x 400 x 135mm15.008712907006222
07.11e60Keycabinet new VSK 60 with digital lock400 x 400 x 85mm9.008712907006246
07.11.e100Keycabinet new VSK 100 with digital lock500 x 400 x 85mm10.008712907006253
07.11.e200Keycabinet new VSK 200 with digital lock500 x 400 x 135mm15.008712907006260
07.13.p10keycabinet new VSK 10 lock-case for euro cylinder255 x 190 x 80mm1.708712907011707
07.13.p20keycabinet new VSK 20 lock-case for euro cylinder255 x 190 x 130mm2.208712907011721
07.13.p35keycabinet new VSK 32 lock-case for euro cylinder305 x 230 x 80mm2.508712907011745
07.13.p64Keycabinet new VSK 60 lock-case for euro cylinder450 x 300 x 80mm4.008712907011783
07.13.p100Keycabinet new VSK 100 lock-case for euro cylinder550 x 300 x 80 mm6.008712907011806
07.13.p200Keycabinet new VSK 200 lock-case for euro cylinder550 x 730 x 140 mm15.008712907006307

Regarding the keycabinets with digital lock we strongly recommend to use Alkaline batteries only, preferably Duracell Procell !!     

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