Deposit safes for built in purposes

Deposit safes with an insert system and a loading compartment for deposit or delivery. Suitable for use in garage companies, rental companies and petrol stations.      
The safe can be installed inside the building against the outer wall. The insert system and compartment are built into the wall opening.      
The insert hatch, which is accessible from outside, and the door of the compartment are both shielded by a stainless steel door with combination lock. Behind this are the insert opening and compartment fitted with an electronic combination lock. The safe on the inside is fitted with a double-bit lock. Apart from the variant shown, alternative designs are also available, fitted with electronic locks with readout possibility. Heavier and tested designs are available on request.       

07.WR.650Deposit safe type 650, deposit draw with 1 compartment1238 x 500 x 700mm700 x 494 x 280mm8712907008790
07.WR.651Deposit safe type 651, deposit draw with 2 compartments1238 x 500 x 700mm700 x 494 x 280mm8712907008806
07.WR.652Deposit safe type 652, deposit draw with 4 compartments1408 x 500 x 700mm700 x 494 x 280mm8712907008813
07.WR.653Deposit safe type 653, deposit draw with 6 compartments1578 x 500 x 700mm700 x 494 x 280mm8712907008820

Alternative designs, combination locks or electronic locks (with readout possibility) are available at a supplement.  

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